Press release May 2015.


We refer to our previous correspondence wherein we advised you of the suspension of our franchisee Excel Global Limited and the pending suit in Chief Magistrate Court Case Number 6498 0f 2014

Where the Honourable Court ordered as follows:

  1. Restrained Excel Global ltd from using and or doing any activities which may be construed as infringing the our proprietor right.
  2. Restrained Excel Global ltd. from engaging in activities which includes enrolling new students and recruiting new staff, advertising, corresponding with and or seeking for licensing approval for their mutual students in its sole name, tampering with the books of accounts and records and or doing any activities that may be detrimental to us and contrary to the interest of our mutual students.

We regret that the court order has not been complied with and CONTEMPT PROCEEDINGS AGAINST EXCEL GLOBAL LTD. are ongoing.

We humbly request all to take caution and avoid being made party to the proceeding by failing to adhere to our proprietary rights and the court order.

We thank you for your continued support and endeavor to service you and ensure our students interest are taken care of at all costs. ‘