Northpole Education Center is a globally recognized yet truly Kenyan education provider that lays emphasis on the quality and affordability of education in the country. Offering a wide range of local and international courses ranging from accounting packages to languages and from Business Courses to IT curriculums the range of options for the student wishing to learn with Northpole Education Center are limitless.

The College currently has ten state of the art campuses across the city and are rapidly expanding to bring education par excellence to areas within Kenya, with a vision to provide quality education across East Africa in years to come.

Northpole Education Center aims to provide a platform that allows students and Alumni to integrate into society in a way that allows them to adapt to the continually changing and volatile market. With a futuristic approach to Education the aim is to provide a platform for every student, partner and affiliate that associates with the brand.

Northpole Education Center also aims to play an active and positive role in Kenya’s Vision 2030, building the nation by imparting the highest quality education to the Next Generation.